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Welcome to Worcester Family Chiropractic

At Worcester Family Chiropractic, we proudly offer evidence-based chiropractic care to help families in the Worcester area make wellness a way of life.


Dr. Brittany Falcone opened Worcester Family Chiropractic with the vision of caring for every member of the family—from the youngest to oldest—in a welcoming, comfortable environment. Having benefitted from chiropractic care as a child and throughout her own life, Dr. Brittany is passionate about helping others using this natural approach to healing. 


Whether you want to feel great during pregnancy, maintain joint mobility, boost your baby’s immune system, or treat chronic migraines—we can help. Contrary to common belief, chiropractic care is about so much more than just your back. Your spine houses your nervous system which is responsible for communicating information between your brain and every single muscle, cell, and organ in your body. Chiropractic adjustments help to restore normal joint motion and improve the function of the nervous system so that you can feel and function your best.


Dr. Brittany maintains current certification in the Webster Technique, which is an analysis and adjustment technique designed to be safe and effective during pregnancy. She is also specially trained to provide chiropractic care for infants and children. The most satisfying aspects of her work are helping expectant moms feel great and assisting her littlest patients in growing healthy and strong. Beyond her specialties in pregnancy and pediatric care, Dr. Brittany’s experience working in a hospital and a multidisciplinary clinic has prepared her to work with all members of your family to improve their health.


At Worcester Family Chiropractic, we take the time to really listen and understand your needs, explaining everything clearly so that you can feel confident about the care you receive. We know that you spend most of your time living life, not reclining on our adjusting table! That’s why in addition to spending plenty of time with you at your appointments, we empower you to be an active participant in your wellness at home by offering guidance on nutrition, exercise, sleep, and postural habits. We also offer educational workshops with Dr. Brittany and other experts on topics that help our practice members maintain their health naturally.


Your family’s wellness journey starts here. Contact us today to find out how the Worcester Family Chiropractic team can help you and your family members live your best lives!

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