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The Webster Technique

Whether you’re tired of the pain, anxious about fetal positioning, or committed to increasing your odds of a smooth birth experience—we’ve got your back. 

The Webster Technique is a complete and effective chiropractic treatment that helps minimize pregnancy discomfort and support labor & delivery goals. The Worcester Family Chiropractic team maintains certification in the Webster Technique to offer pregnant moms the safest, most effective care.

What is the webster technique

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specialized method of analyzing and treating pregnant women.


It involves assessing the sacrum (tailbone) as well as specific uterine ligaments and muscles that attach to it. After this assessment, spinal adjustments and gentle hands-on treatment to the abdomen address the muscular and ligament components that impact pelvic balance.

Webster Technique Certified Chiropractors in Central Massachusetts

How the Webster Technique can help you in your pregnancy

Supports Your Labor & Delivery Goals

By encouraging proper balance and alignment in the pelvis, the Webster Technique can help to prepare your body for birth. 

Reduces Pregnancy - Related Pain

The Webster Technique offers a natural, medication-free solution to commonly experienced pregnancy-related backaches and sciatic pain. 

Gives Your Baby More Space to Move

Gentle chiropractic adjustments can help to reduce tension from tight uterine ligaments, allowing your baby to move more freely in utero.

webster technique reduces pregnancy related pain Massachusetts
chiropractic adjustment to reduce tention during pregnancy
Chiropractic care to support labor and delivery

What to Expect:


You’ll receive a thorough physical examination and non-invasive neurological scan to assess muscle tone and balance, inflammation around the spine, and how stress may be impacting your body. Because these scans are just monitoring the body and not introducing anything into the body, they are entirely safe in pregnancy and for all individuals. We’ll also discuss any discomfort you’re experiencing and your labor & delivery goals. 

Webster Technique Chiropractic Evaluation

Individualized Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan and the techniques used during your adjustments will fit your goals, your body’s comfort level, and your unique pregnancy circumstances. We will also communicate with your obstetrician or midwife to ensure coordinated, seamless care. 

holistic pregnancy chiropractic care

Visits You’ll Look Forward To

At each appointment, we'll get you comfy on the pregnancy-accommodating adjusting table with plenty of pillows. We'll then use gentle, safe Webster Technique adjustments to address your complaints and goals. Think of each visit as a chance to relax and feel cared for during this special time. 

Webster Technique Pregancy Chiropractor

"I originally went to see Dr. Brittany after I found out at 32 weeks that my baby was breech and I had read that chiropractic care—specifically the Webster Technique—has been shown to help babies turn naturally on their own by removing roadblocks in the mother's body and that Dr. Brittany is the only chiropractor in the Worcester area that specializes in this specific technique. I felt comfortable with Dr. Brittany from the moment I met her. She explained everything she did before she did it so that I felt as comfortable with the process as possible. My treatment plan started with me getting adjusted twice per week since I had so much going on with my body. I would look forward to the adjustments because I felt so much better afterward. My back didn't bother me at all this pregnancy, whereas during my last, it was almost unbearable towards the end. I felt like I had more energy, my posture was better, and I just overall felt better. I've already recommended many people to her so if you're looking for an outstanding chiropractor, look no further. I promise you won't regret it!"


- Christine C.

Ready to support your pregnancy with natural, effective treatment from doctors who genuinely love caring for moms?

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