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Chiropractic Care for Teens

The benefits of chiropractic care for teens are many, especially in today’s world of heavy screen use and heavy bookbags. Even if your school-aged child rarely complains of pain, these daily activities often take a toll on growing bodies. 

Empowering your teen to feel their best is one of our favorite things.

After spending so many years focused on giving our babies and toddlers what they need, it can be easy to forget that big kids need care, too.


As school-aged children learn and play, they may develop misalignments that lead to pain, poor posture, and other challenges. Chiropractic care can help them recover from sports injuries, counteract "text neck," naturally manage pain, promote optimal growth and nervous system function, and establish lifelong healthy habits.

Chiropractic Care for Teens
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Conditions That Benefit From Teen Chiropractic Care

  • Attention Deficient Disorder (ADD)

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

  • Enuresis (bed-wetting)

  • Frequent illness (poor immunity)

  • Growing pains

  • Headaches

  • Poor posture

  • Post-concussion rehabilitation

  • Scoliosis

  • Sports-related injuries

What to Expect:

Initial Visit 

Your 7–17-year-old child's care experience will be similar to yours. We start with an initial evaluation and conversation with you and your child to determine what's going on and the best course of treatment. We will do some or all of our diagnostic neural scans depending on their age. These completely safe and non-invasive scans extract information about muscle tone and balance, inflammation around the spine, and how stress may be impacting the body.

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Depending on your child’s age and your family’s preference, you can accompany them into the adjusting room for their visits or hang out in our comfortable waiting area. No matter what, you can trust that our doctors will explain everything they do before they do it, ensuring your teen feels at ease—all while learning about their body!

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Complementary Therapies

When treating sports-related injuries or postural concerns, we can supplement adjustments with complementary therapies like Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), ultrasound, heat/ice, or therapeutic stretching and strengthening. Some teen patients also choose to take advantage of our in-practice massage therapists to support stress relief or injury recovery. 

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“As the mother of a 15-year-old suffering persistent upper back pain due to tumbling, I was desperate to help my daughter manage the pain. We consulted her pediatrician, we tried pain relief creams, massage, and ibuprofen. She experienced some relief but never anything that lasted more than a few hours. I was reluctant to try chiropractic care because I did not know if it was appropriate for children. However, I met Dr. Brittany at a business event and I immediately trusted her. Dr. Brittany is extremely knowledgeable, but perhaps more importantly, she is easy to talk to and I knew my daughter would connect with her. At our first visit, Dr. Brittany took the time to identify the source of the pain and to explain the treatment plan to my daughter and I. After just two treatments my daughter began to experience lasting relief from her pain and was able to sit through a school day pain-free. We continued with the treatment plan and my daughter was eventually able to resume tumbling without being limited by pain. We could not be happier with the care we received from Dr. Brittany.


- Teri S.

Help your child make wellness a way of life. 

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