We hope this list of resources can help you,

or a family member along your health journey.

Massage Therapy


Helen Cohen
Wild Moon Massage and Wellness
Northborough, MA
Phone: 508-263-0830

Jessica Alvarado
Sole Point Massage
Northborough, MA
Phone: 508-709-5033

Rachel Blessington
Blessington Birth and Bodywork
Worcester, MA 01604
Phone: 508-873-9023

Revitalize Massage Therapy
Worcester, MA

Phone: 774-364-3500




Lexy Lynch
Lexy Lynch Acupuncture
Shrewsbury, MA
Phone: 508-799-4325

Emily Konstan
Down to Earth Acupuncture
Worcester, MA
Phone: 508-890-8899


Margo Voskanian
Silver Leaf Acupuncture
Southborough, MA
Phone: 781-361-9355




Carissa Potterton
Carissa Lyn Photography
Phone: 774-371-0113
Spencer, MA

Shawna Shenette
Shawna Shenette Photography
Millbury, MA
Phone: 508-685-0885

Kristen Conklin
Kristen Conklin Photography
Northborough, MA


Craniosacral Therapy


Suzette Howland
Wellbeing Integrative Therapy
Auburn MA
Phone: 774-200-3232

Donna Venuto
Healing Hands Muscular Therapy

Westborough, MA
Phone: 508-789-7626

Karen Nugent
Health & Healing Massage Therapy
Worcester MA
Phone: 508-963-0865



Vanessa Lewis
New Life Blessings
Southbridge, MA

Phone: 774-633-5263

Meryl Estabrook
Estabrook Birth Services
Millbury, MA
Phone: 508-254-8575

Natasha Trapp
Quiet Waters Doula
Phone: 508-556-0703




Marianne Pelletier
Midwifery by Marianne
Fitchburg, MA

Phone: 508-868-3450

Rachel Blessington
Blessington Birth & Bodywork
Worcester, MA
Phone: 508-873-9023

Joyce Kimball
Birth Services
Worcester, MA
Phone: 508-728-6588

Dina Fraize
Central Mass Midwifery &Doula Services
Northborough, MA

Kim Leuders
Metrowest Midwifery
Framingham, MA
Phone: 508-328-4047

Alexis Topham
Metro Boston Midwifery
Natick, MA
Phone: 508-889-9165

Erika Beecher 

Seven Hills Community Midwifery 

Worcester, MA

Phone: 508-735-3864


Lactation Consultants

Jeanette Frem
Babies in Common
Northborough MA
Phone: 617-686-0052

Shelly Taft
Holden, MA

Rachel O’Brien
Sudbury MA
Phone: 413-687-0106

Placenta Encapsulation


Vanessa Lewis
New Life Blessings
Southbridge, MA
Phone: 774-633-5263

218 Shrewsbury St. Suite 105 Worcester, MA 01604

Tel: & Fax 508-556-7566

Monday : 9:00am-7:00pm
Tuesday : 9:00
Wednesday:  9:00
Thursday : 9:00
Friday: 8:00
Saturday : By appointment
Sunday : Closed


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